Our well structured Montessori curriculum is state of the art and leverages Montessori materials to stimulate a learning desire. Students use a wide variety of open ended activities to sharpen their gross motor, cognitive development, and advance their self-directing abilities.

- Practical Life

- Sensorial Learning

- Language Arts

- Mathematics

- Science & Culture

- Art

- Music

- Spanish

- Technology

- Physical Education

- Cultural Enrichment

- Library

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Serving children 12 months to 6 years


and curriculum

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Early Childhood




Our classrooms are designed to stimulate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. For young children, the school provides a safe environment for exploring and learning. We work to inspire each child’s curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for learning. With support, guidance, and encouragement from our highly qualified teachers, our Early Childhood students are engaged in meaningful activities and begin to acquire the focus and motivation critical for success throughout life.

All Early Childhood students participate in weekly classes in Spanish, Art, Music, Science and Library. Kindergarten students have additional classes in Spanish, Art, Music, and Science each week.


“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.” - Maria

At Columbia Crest Montessori we strive to provide an environment where children express themselves while having fun in learning. Our programs and curriculum is structured to provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment for young children. We use the Montessori Method of teaching to improve social, emotional and physical development of young children. With support and guidance from our highly qualified teachers, students excel in various forms of life.