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Serving children 12 months to 6 years

Early Childhood


Columbia Crest Montessori's early childhood programs are designed to meet the needs of families with children 12 months to 6 years of age.

kindergarten program

age: 5 - 6 years

In the Kindergarten program preschool students continue their learning journey through more rigorous academic challenges and leading their young preschool inmates using teacher directed approach. At this age the program nurtures their inner drive for learning by providing opportunities to try something new.

The program makes learning fun and interesting using musical, logical-mathematical, linguistic, and interpersonal traits. E.g. use of flash cards for mathematics, building new vocabulary through songs and stories etc. Following a structured curriculum designed by the teacher based on each child’s individual needs kids work through a set of sensorial, language, mathematics, community relations through food drives, foreign language and music as part of their daily curriculum.

preschool program

age: 2 1/2 - 5 years

little learner program

age: 12 - 28 months

Preschool program is intended to develop child's intellectual curiosity by providing an environment where they observe, make choices and works at their own pace with some guidance from the teacher. Combination of self-learning and teacher directed environment helps children prepare for the rigorous and expectations of education from the primary years through the college experience.

Following a structured curriculum designed by the teacher based on each child’s individual needs, students work through a set of sensorial, language and mathematics as part of their core curriculum. In addition students participate in weekly specialty class in the field of foreign language, arts and music.

Little Learner program is structured for toddlers that are ready to take the next step beyond the home environment.

Our goal is to create stress free learning with caring teachers all around. Montessori based program is designed with younger kids in mind and focuses on the child’s development through social, cognitive, physical & intellectual development through manipulative objects. Kids are exposed through a social environment of group activities where they mix & bond with each other, learn storytelling, music, language & finger play enhancing their intellectual development. Follows the “Love and Logic” method of redirection as a discipline tool.