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Serving children 12 months to 6 years

Individually designed classrooms provide a great learning environment for all ages.

The former Fire Station at 73rd Ave provides younger kids with the space needed to grow and flourish.

Our 13,000 sq.ft. building features five specially designed classrooms to satisfy the growing needs of today’s preschool and young toddlers. Each classroom is furnished with Montessori learning materials appropriate to their age group. As kids grow they transition on to an age appropriate environment where they bond with similar age students. A student library as part of each classroom ignites the inner desire within each student to read. A specially design dramatic art room takes students extracurricular activities to a whole new level. An outdoor playground coupled with an indoor play area provides students with a variety of activities to keep them physically fit.


and classrooms

The upcoming Columbia Crest Montessori campus will be located at the former Northshore Fire Station in downtown Kenmore. This historic two story brick building provides an elegant learning experience for students of all ages. A natural habitat in the backyard provides immense opportunities for kids to learn nature at its fullest. An eastern exposure in the playground enriches the experience further by furnishing natural sunlight to playing kids boosting their metabolism and immune system.


Columbia crest Montessori